Activate with Data-Driven Precision

A truly optimized marketing campaign is thoroughly rooted in data. It’s what drives a deep understanding of a desired target audience, dictates the channels and ad products used to reach that audience, and influences how brands develop relevant and engaging creative. Simply put – insightful and actionable data is table stakes in the ever-changing advertising landscape.

Through our bold investments in data and measurement capabilities, we’re helping clients meet and exceed their advertising KPls. And we’re doing this by creating effective addressability for advertisers across the portfolio.

The marketplace has certainly taken note of our advancements. We’ve seen demand for our capabilities grow significantly, with the number of campaigns using data in any form to reach audiences increasing 56% year over year. In the last few months alone, we’ve seen hundreds of campaigns leverage our Disney first-party data – a critical step as we prepare for a cookie-less future. In a world without third-party cookies, our proprietary Disney Advertising Audience Graph is even more essential as an underpinning of all of our offerings.

The DAS Audience Graph is designed to map relevant and available IDs across the Disney Platform for a particular household and connect attributes and engagement across our endpoints. We’ve taken the next step to leverage our Audience Graph to pull all of our first-party data and advanced modeling capabilities under one umbrella with Disney Select:

With Disney Select, marketers can choose their desired audiences from our extensive library of first-party segments – each of which are built with integrity, developed for maximum scale, and designed to meet client needs like buyer behavior, household characteristics, and psychographics. And our clients who have already leveraged this solution are seeing fantastic results.

This is just the beginning. Our Disney Advertising Data Science team continues to adapt and consult with marketers to thoughtfully use data to achieve their outcomes. As the onboarding of data becomes more complex in an evolving data ecosystem, we’ve developed flexible strategies designed to meet client objectives and prepare for the future of our business.

We are investing in strategies tied to our own unique schemas and Audience Graph to facilitate access to insights and audience exploration – with the end goal of maximizing efficacy and impact for advertisers. We’re equipping our clients with actionable data that allows them to increase the effectiveness of their digital media strategy – giving them access to 1,000+ turnkey segments and unlocking the ability to target across Disney’s world class IP.

Simply put, when Disney’s proprietary Audience Graph and advanced modeling capabilities are combined – advertising magic is made.