Partners –

In 2021, Disney Advertising embarked on a path well ahead of its time; we made an investment into innovation that anticipated the future needs of advertisers – the need to balance both privacy and experience for consumers. The foundation of it all was our proprietary Audience Graph – representing nearly a decade of investment – and Disney’s first-party data, facilitating insights at scale in a privacy focused environment. And thus started our Clean Room technology journey.

Over the last two years, this technology has become the connective tissue for every facet of our advertising business. It sets the stage for privacy-focused data activation and collaboration with both advertisers and third-party measurement companies, allowing our clients to better reach their audiences and measure their performance using the tools and platforms only Disney Advertising can offer.

Our Clean Room solves critical buyer needs around planning, buying and measurement at scale by leveraging first-party identity – more reliable than cookies, pixels or proxies. From the beginning, our goal was to enable interoperability by fostering greater flexibility, providing future-forward solutions for our advertisers to better measure performance and outcomes in real-time. Through our Clean Room, we can surface more sophisticated insights and measurement derived from first-party data, without ever compromising consumer privacy.

This fall, we are celebrating a monumental two years of our Clean Room. In January 2023, we announced that we had 75 brands and all major holding companies engaging with our solution. In the ten months following, we’re proud to share that nearly 140 brands are engaging, 1,500 reports and more than 160 audience activations, marking the most significant volume of integrations with a Clean Room solution. To top it all off, we were honored by the industry and named Best Partner Clean Room by the 2023 Digiday Technology Awards, in addition to making FastCompany’s list of World’s Most Innovative Companies.

Disney Advertising is committed to leading the marketplace forward through innovation, continuing to deliver best-in-class insights at the intersection of audience, bold storytelling and advanced technology.

At our fourth annual Tech and Data Showcase on January 10, 2024 – we will share more about what we’ve been working on over the last year. Looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas.

Dana McGraw
SVP of Audience Modeling and Data Science