Grow with Disney for Lifetime Customer Value

The Direct-to-Consumer brand journey starts with customer acquisition. Emerging and disrupter brands “flip the funnel” and partner with media companies to help them understand and measure what drives purchase. At Disney, we have seen that as brands move through the funnel, they find success by leveraging relevant ad experiences and aligning with premium, brand safe content. We partner with brands to measure the brand impact and sales throughout the entire brand journey. Disney sits on a legendary creative engine and storytelling is in our DNA. Brands who move up to Awareness through high impact media opportunities have found success with customer loyalty and retention.

DTC Brands – more than any businesses – understand disruption, and we also see disruption as an opportunity to innovate, reinvent, and inspire. In just the past year, we continued to see exponential growth of our ad-supported streaming businesses with new subscribers across ESPN+, and Hulu. These platforms have continued to drive growth and provided consumers access to content anywhere and at any time.

With our vast scale, robust premium content, and the variety of ways to activate, brands can start, grow and continue to build their business by collaborating with us.

Over the last few years, working with DTC and emerging brands has been a focus for our team . We have grown the number of brands we have partnered with by 30% year over year with over 70% of brands returning to the platform. We know that providing measurement, creative consultation, and targeting solutions is key to growing with a brand like ours. We are here to help companies of all sizes optimize and grow across our entire portfolio.

“Platforms like Disney provide us access to engaged audiences. We really value partners like Disney who have built a measurement of functionality.”

No one is more prepared to take you into the future than the Disney Platform. Disney reaches TV lovers wherever they are, whether that’s the living room or on mobile, linear or streaming. We reach 94% of A18+ in the US…that’s practically all of America.

And most importantly, Disney is delivering the customers that DTC brands are looking for. We reach 85% of adult consumers who buy online and engage with brands on social media. Additionally, 86% of Disney viewers say they use the internet to buy hard to find products not found in stores. Disney consumers like the convenience of buying products online and have embraced this new way of shopping.

Most brands we work with take advantage of buying reach and scalable media across Digital and Linear where they can test and learn the impact of the Disney platform. Once return-on-investment is proven, we have the opportunity to reach strategic audiences with Disney’s First Party Data, Disney Select, and audience targeting to drive precision and maximize impact.

“Brands like the Disney platforms have been on the leading edge in terms of working with buying partners.”

As brands start to move up the funnel, we can leverage our IP across live Sports and Specials, and award-winning Entertainment with sponsorships that drive consumer connection. Additionally, brands can take advantage of Viewer first ad products to interact with consumers. Lastly, we can organically integrate your brand into Disney’s content and help utilize Disney’s award-winning Creative Works team to build custom content to align with the audience.

At the DTC Day conference on June 9th I was thrilled to be joined by three of our partners, Ankit Khemka, Senior Director of Growth at HelloFresh, Will Flaherty, SVP Growth Marketing at Ro and Gavin Carr, Senior Marketing Manager at Honey. All three are experts in the DTC space and I appreciated them sharing their experiences working with Disney to build their brands. I’m looking forward to more opportunities for discussions like this as the DTC market continues to significantly grow (and hopefully we’ll see each other in person soon!).