The Future of Self-Service is Automated,
Inclusive and Available Now

For years, brand advertising was closely aligned with driving awareness, while direct-response and performance-based advertising was more closely aligned to actions and conversions. With the acceleration of digital, social and streaming, the lines between traditional and digital advertising began to blur as audience insights helped marketers connect the dots between different parts of the consumer journey.

Small and midsize businesses and agencies for the first time had the opportunity to transact on an equal playing field with larger household names as a direct result of technology innovation and access to audiences at scale across platforms.

At Disney Advertising, we are building–and redefining–the way advertisers connect with their key audiences through the power of automation, addressability and technology. And this innovation transcends to small and midsize, and underrepresented businesses.

By leveraging automation, we are creating and unlocking new value for advertisers, on a national and local level, giving them choice and control by way of unprecedented access, convenience and visibility.

We started this journey by democratizing access through automation and technology for all advertisers. Beginning with Disney’s Self Service platform, commonly known as Hulu Ad Manager, we built inroads for SMBs to plan, buy, measure and optimize campaigns on Hulu within our automated dashboard. We made it possible for businesses of all sizes to tap into the reach of TV with the precision of digital – all through an interface built with the unique needs of SMBs. And as a result, SMBs can show up on a platform with television’s biggest shows like their larger brand counterparts.

We wanted to design our self-service solutions to solve for those unique needs, so we went straight to the source to understand where small-to-midsize, underrepresented business owners run into road blocks or resource constraints in advertising.

Through proprietary research conducted with Advertiser Perceptions, the Underrepresented Small Business Study completed in January 2022, we discovered that 60% of respondents said they need to prove ROI more effectively, 52% said they want to better understand who is seeing or engaging with their ads, and nearly 50% cited “insufficient advertising budgets” as a pain point.

Universally, access to automated tools and simplicity of use, along with support and access to creative resources and production, makes digital and streaming channels much more approachable and inclusive for small-to-midsize and underrepresented businesses – and Disney Advertising is answering the call.

At Disney Advertising, we are committed to providing the support our advertiser community needs to connect their brands to our premium content and portfolio – regardless of size or scope. This need is why we’re dedicated to launching a curriculum that caters specifically to small and underrepresented businesses as an extension of Disney’s Project Elevate, and we’ll reveal more details in the coming months.

With Disney’s Self-Service Platform, we offer unique brand alignment to an Unrivaled portfolio known for bold storytelling and tools to prove effectiveness and outcomes:

A Call To Local and Independent Agencies After successfully providing small and medium businesses access to audiences in the streaming environment, we are now expanding that access to small and mid-sized agencies to leverage Disney’s Self Service platform, offering 24/7 access to campaign planning, reporting, invoices and creative within a single, aggregated dashboard.

In this second development phase, we are welcoming agencies from the local, performance and independent agency marketplaces. Our Self Service tool is your complete solution to start running campaigns on-demand, capitalizing on real-time trends with access to performance data, enabling optimization throughout the life of your campaign.

At Disney Advertising, we are passionate about empowering advertisers with frictionless and automated tools to drive your success. This kind of automation not only creates great customer experiences but also deeper and more meaningful engagements. With Disney’s Self Service platform, we are excited to continue our mission to build a future where our clients’ business needs – and the consumer experience – coexist. And the part that’s most exciting for your business is that it’s available today.

If you are an agency from the local, performance or independent marketplaces, we encourage you to reach out to your sales representative for more information and/or click here to RSVP for Self Service. On our site you’ll also be able to check out Success Stories ranging from autos to packaged goods to personal care and beyond. Chances are you’ll see at least one that your business can relate to.